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Age In Place Professionals is a one-of-a-kind website. We have a unique niche and audience that few other website can boast. For those reasons, and to maintain the quality & usefulness of the information provided to our visitors, we exercise fairly strict editorial guidelines and control.

That being said, we are always looking for contributors who are passionate about serving seniors and knowledgeable of their trade and new projects to collaborate on. We are open to regularly occurring and single pieces.

Submission and contact information below. Please read this entire page before you submit anything.

Articles – What we’re looking for

Original content: We’re looking for original ideas (or a new take on an old idea) that has not been published elsewhere.

Expertise: Yes, you need to know what you’re talking bout and have experience to back it up.

Writing Style: Short pieces, 300-500 words (bulleted lists and sub-headings are a good idea to break up the content). We may consider breaking up longer pieces.

Types of Work: How-to, resource, comparison, anecdotal or informative articles related to running an aging in place business.

Focus: All of our content is focused on one group: Business people (predominantly small businesses) that provide services or goods to seniors or their families. Any submission must provide value to that group.

Before you contact us read this

Our editorial staff is responsible for selecting articles to be published. Your article must be complete before submitting it, including credit for all sources & assets. Any articles you submit must be your work. Your article may be edited prior to publishing.

Submission information

To submit an article for consideration or pitch an idea for collaboration, send an email to If submitting an article, please include:

  • The full article text (in email or Word format)
  • A short bio, including your name, business name, business address, etc.
  • Personal photo or logo

By submitting your article, you agree:

To grant a license to Age in Place Networks, LLC, publishers of Age in Place Professionals, to be the publisher of your article online. That you consent to the full article, extracts, samples or examples from it appearing on other websites, products, publications and/or services provided by our company.