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About Mark Reeves

OPeX legacies is a personal history service whose goal is to make it manageable & affordable to document the most precious assets of one’s life story.

OPeX legacies professional personal history service offers full service and assistance-as-needed options to capture the essence of one’s life in print, audio, or video formats. Our methods provide a comfortable, uncomplicated way of ensuring family, friends, and future generations have the gift of their loved one’s most important legacy, the valuable memories, experiences, and wisdom.

Services include:

  • Written personal histories or memoirs
  • Produced video history interviews
  • Recorded oral history interviews
  • the ONE PAGE BiO
  • Consultation on Do-It-Yourself projects
  • Audio, Video, Photo, and Memorabilia transfers and compilations

Contact Information

Phone: 424-603-4341

Mailing Address:
5712 Tellefson Rd, Culver City, CA

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