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We’re Moving & Growing – Small Business

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Hi. This is Mark Hager from Age in Place Professionals. Over the past few years I've had the distinct pleasure of talking with (and working with) some amazing small business owners in the aging in place niche. I want to say a great big "thank you" to every person that has shared one of our ... Continue Reading

Customer Experience is Going to Change Everything

Customer experience will change everything

  When you hear the term 'customer experience', what comes to mind? Good customer service? I think a lot of people would say so. That's part of it, of course. But, customer experience is actually more than that. Customer experience is essentially the sum of how they feel about every ... Continue Reading

One thing you can do to create change in your community


  If you're running an aging in place business, you're familiar with the stats on how many people are caring for aging parents (in the millions) and how many are turning 65 every day (more than 10K). And, you probably know that at some point most of those people are going to need some kind of ... Continue Reading

What Is Inbound Marketing?

What is inbound marketing?

There is so much information online about how you should market your company. We hear terms like outbound marketing, digital marketing, online marketing and inbound marketing constantly. But, just what is inbound marketing? Inbound marketing is a method focused on being found by potential ... Continue Reading

Senior Concierge Business Basics

Basic ideas for a senior concierge business

  I've talked with many aspiring business owners about starting an aging in place business. Some of them were veteran business owners and others had little to no experience running a company. This senior concierge business basics article is written for someone just starting out or someone ... Continue Reading

Your Perspective Could Be Ruining Your Marketing


  I was in a meeting recently discussing the promotion of a new product... and there were some very different ideas about how the marketing message should be conveyed. There were those focused on the  'why' (why you should use it, why it is better), those focused on  'what' (what it does, what ... Continue Reading

Business Websites : More Visitors Isn’t Always Better

Local business websites, seo & conversion

  It's true for cookies (not a good plan), taxes and probably in medicine.  More isn't always better. (I guess it could be applicable in a lot of ways to our daily lives.) It's also true in business, at least as far as the number of touch points we have with consumers. More website ... Continue Reading

Weekend Reading List May 17 2013 Aging in Place Business


  May 17 2013 Aging in Place Business articles. Another week gone by with so much left to do. Guess what? It will still be there on Monday... go take some R&R. After that, take some time to feed your brain with some of these great business building articles. Have a great weekend & let ... Continue Reading