Aging In Place News Re-Used

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Funny how things go in cycles. Four years ago, there were so many people (articles, websites) talking about the AARP and how people wanted to stay at home as long as they can. I mean, everyone was saying it. Of course, that news kept coming in different forms from the AARP and many other companies. More recently, the news has been morphing a bit into the aging in place market is growing. These events go on forever and recycle.

I mention this not as a complaint, but to make a point: It’s by design.

Creating awareness is a complex task that requires a system of repetition to accomplish. The same goes for educating a community about aging in place (or anything else).

If you want people to understand aging in place (the importance of proper planning, health, home remodeling, any product or service your business offers, your mission – you have to be the voice for it. It takes time and, well, repetition.


Getting Smart About Educating Consumers

It’s hard to educate people. You’re already running a business, managing employees, dealing with customers. Don’t be frustrated, though; it’s worth the effort.

Here are a few ideas about how you can automate or cast a wider net with your efforts. Obviously, not all inclusive; just some things to think about.

1. Use the many-at-once approach : Churches, local Y’s, special interest groups, local media. Target the message to the needs of the audience (i.e. churches may be caring for parents).

2. Leverage your website : Provide a lot of relevant information on your site and make sure it is organized well. Post similar material you’d tell people in person. (Don’t forget local keywords.)

3. Make yourself available to local media : Reach out to local media people. Lead your (very brief) introduction with information they can use, such as a current trend (with a snippet from you) or a few facts that are current and relevant to the industry. Finish with how you can provide more that their readers are interest in and you’ll make yourself available to them as a resource.

4. Educating as a way of business : See every interaction with people as an opportunity to educate. You can even refer people to your website for more information. (hint)

The Ultimate Consumer Education Tip

Don’t sell your products or services. Sell yourself as a local expert and focus on helping them. Do this over and over. The business will follow.


If you have a tip for educating people in your community, why not share it below?