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I got to do something very cool last evening. It is something I’ve had the pleasure of doing many times over the years. It is one of the reasons why I love working in the aging in place niche, both with consumers and business folks.

I’ve never talked about it before. I don’t know why; it just never came up. I guess it is something I assumed everyone knew I did. But, maybe not.

What was it, you ask?

I got to help someone

So, I’ll backtrack here a bit. I get a lot of email. (A lot… like hundreds a day!) It’s really hard to go through it all some days. I generally get through the important stuff; sometimes it just takes me a while. Some of my favorite emails are from people who are taking care of their parents or another loved one. Mainly due to the fact that they are generally looking for information or direciton. And, last night, I had an email from a lady that was in need of someone to help her with an aging in place situation. I didn’t get a lot of details in her email; just that she was looking for someone in her area that she could trust.

So, I gave her the names of a few Age in Place Professional members in her area and told her to let me know how it went.

I know you’re probably thinking, “Big deal. I get email from people all the time asking for help.” Well, yeah. I do too. More so now than ever. And, you’re right; it doesn’t seem like that big of a thing.

Yes, it is part of the work, but…

For some reason that email made me think. What really blows me away is that she turned to us for help. I don’t mean the us, as in ‘the people that run this website’. I mean she turned to us, as in ‘the people of Age in Place Professionals’. That’s Candace Roberts in Louisville, Abbie Sladick in Naples, Andrew Shore in Irvine… she turned to us as a group. She reached out in a time of need to a group of people she perceived qualified to help her.

That’s pretty dang awesome.

Not sure why it hit me like that. Like I said; it happens regularly, both here and Last night, though,  it just made me feel content to be a part of something that does good for people, even if I am just the facilitator.

It could mean a surprise for someone!

I’m hoping in the next day or so a few of our members will get a call from her and be able to hear for yourself  how she got a referral from Age in Place Professionals. I hope one of you are indeed able to help her and get some good work out of it.

I mean, that’s what we’re in this for, right? Make a difference and feed our families. How could it be any better than that?



  1. avatarAaron D. Murphy says

    Good points, and so true Mark. In fact, I just told someone yesterday "As an architect, I can spend your $3 million dollars on a waterfront home just as well as the next guy", but it's not my passion. It's not where my heart is. That's why my tag line for our firm ADM Architecture is "Listening, Solving, Creating… Architecture without the Ego." I am just not one of them… I want a way to marry my passion for helping others into my industry and profession, and this was my calling as a NAHB "Certified Aging In Place Specialist" (CAPS) Architect. I watched my grandmother go through her deterioration, and it was the HOUSE that was BROKEN, as much as anything…

    Please let me know how I can help your clients to "Age In Place", as I'm growing my own online community and expanding to a more national platform for speaking engagements and home assessments.

    Thanks for all you do!
    Aaron D. Murphy, Architect
    (360) 440-8475 / (Managing Editor) /
    Twitter: @AaronDMurphy