Concierge Services for Aging in Place

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As a senior focused small business, you probably are on the lookout for new services you can provide; especially those that can be integrated into your current aging in place related offering. If you haven’t already, you may want to consider one (or several) senior concierge services.

Small businesses across the nation are turning to concierge services as ways to have greater impact on an elderly person’s quality of life. They are not difficult to get up and running. And, though many require an eye for coordination, they can have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Why concierge services?

They provide something that people need; help. Now, that might be an elderly person who just can’t seem to do everything like they used to. They also can help an adult child caring for an elderly parent. (Which, I’m sure you can agree, can be a very important part of your target market.) These people are looking for ways they can balance their lives and make sure that their parents are getting the help they need.

Concierge services also can free up time for people. Let’s face it, older people are doing more now than seniors did 30 years ago; they are a new breed of seniors. Their adult children are leading extremely busy lives as well.

Simple senior services

People look to concierge service providers to get things done they can’t or no longer wish to do for themselves. These services (sometimes referred to as personal assistance services) don’t have to be complicated. And, there are many different types of concierge services you can offer. The only real criteria is that should be focused on helping a senior maintain their quality of life.

Here are a few you could consider integrating into your service offering:

  • Pick-up & delivery (mail & packages, dry cleaning or other errand services)
  • Daily check-in
  • Home organization (closets, garages, attics)
  • Shopping (personal, groceries, gifts)
  • Home care (lawn, handyman)
  • Companion (socializing in and out of home)
  • Computer teaching
  • Pets (bathing, walking, vet trips)
  • Personal chef or meal preparation

All of these concierge services can be provided a-la-cart; the customer can choose what benefits them the most.

What makes them enticing?

To consumers, these types of senior services make their lives easier.They are personal, provided by by real people who are there to help them. For small business owners, they are fairly quick to implement, do not require extensive resources and can be provided as an extension to existing services. They can be a real asset to a senior who needs a little help now and then or their children who provide care.