Great Service Isn’t Dead

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What if the best way to know how to help your customers more or provide them better service is to ask? What if you got a list of your last 20 customers and did just that?

“Hi. My name is John Smith from ABC Home Remodeling and I am one of the owners of the company. I just called to ask how you thought we did on your bathroom remodeling job last month?” (Giving the experience time to gel.)

Most people are going to be polite and say something nice… or at least decent. Of course, you’d be nice back and say, “Thank you. I really appreciate you saying that and it makes me happy you feel that way. To be honest, I’m reaching out to our clients (family, caregivers, etc.) because we really want to be better at providing home remodeling services that help people create a home for life. I was hoping you could help out by providing a few details about your experience with us; especially important to me would be something we can do better. We know every customer’s situation is different and we think we can improve your satisfaction by improving our service. Of course, I need your help to do that.

Can you think of anything we could do that might have helped you even more?”

I know; that sounds a little over the top. But, stop and think for a minute. What if you got a call from the grocery store manager and he said something like that to you? Or, your doctor called you (not the office; the doctor). How would you feel? Pretty impressed they took the time to call. Would you offer some feedback?

Knowledge that can help you move the needle

Like I said; many people won’t go beyond a basic response. However, some will. You did just let them know that they aren’t a number to you. You were humble and transparent (which are incredibly disarming). Even if your company messed up, you’d stand a good chance of gaining some insight and possibly an opportunity to do a service recovery (fix a broken customer relationship).

Those tidbits are gold and can give you actionable insight. Surveys, forms, emails, etc. are all well and good. But, nothing takes the place of a conversation. If you can make it in person; even better.

This works for direct clients, family caregivers, professional referrals; you name it. Keeping your finger on the pulse of how your customers perceive you’re doing at what you do can’t be replaced. At a local level, it can set you apart from your competition. Going the extra mile to make your business customer (senior,caregiver) friendly will too. It will delight your customers. It can also get you more referrals, get your company name spread around and increase your bottom line.


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  1. avatarLauren Allegrezza says


    You're absolutely right. Feedback from customers should be the bloodline of your company. Without info about how well (or not well) you're doing, you'd never get the chance to improve. A company cannot afford to keep pace with what they're customers are thinking or what they want. Anyone who sits by idly is going to get swept away.

    At Telikin, we get a lot of feed from our customers – hundreds of conversations each week over our tech support line. It's always rewarding to speak with someone who's happy with your product, but sometimes there are issues, which can be frustrating. But it's very worthwhile because then we know how to improve.

    Again, great post!