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Know anyone who provides services or goods to seniors? We could really use your help. Please help us spread the word so we can gather the most amount of information for small businesses as possible.

First, if you’ve already taken the 2009 Aging in Place Business survey, thank you. Your responses so far have already helped us compile some incredible information to give back to small business people like you. If you haven’t, I urge you to take 5 minutes and provide your feedback. Every person who does gets a free advance copy of the results and it will help other business people across the nation.

Click here to take the survey now

From the response we’ve had so far to the survey, we’ve got our work cut out. And, by “we”, I mean all of us. There are definitely some recurring themes throughout the responses and we’re going to put some serious effort into helping you find solutions that will help you build your business and have more impact in your community.

To do this, we’ve already begun reaching out into our network to find those that are able to help shed some light on the issues & opportunities that have come to light as a result of the survey. We’re going to put some muscle behind this effort.

We’ve also laid some aggressive plans for the remainder of the year, including a new website that will be the only one of it’s kind; chock full tools, resources & information you’ll not find anywhere else. We’re also building relationships/partnerships with other people & companies to bring you the absolute best opportunities available to small business owners in the aging space.

Tell your friends and collegues. Follow us on Twitter. Connect with us on Facebook. Join the conversations, ask questions & stay tuned.

This is about to get really exciting!