The Opportunity

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Aging in place is a viable opportunity for a small business owner. Businesses in this niche are serving a group that will grow to be over twenty percent of America’s population by the year 2030. The opportunities for senior-focused businesses are plentiful. Aspiring business owners have many choices for services to offer the elderly and plenty of opportunity to grow in the community they serve.

With so many older adults in our communities and the recent economic issues, it is no wonder that many Americans are opting to (or having to) stay in their homes longer.

It isn’t looking good for many seniors

Government cutbacks, agency downsizing and financial problems are taking their toll on the ability for many communities to serve their seniors.

Also, it isn’t always a lack of funds that keep seniors and caregivers from taking action. Sometimes it is not knowing who to call or the fact that nearly every person needing service is having to learn to navigate the local network of care.

What people need are local aging in place businesses who are plugged in and taking action!

That’s why we’re in the aging in place business

Having a solid network of senior focused small businesses in each community is important to help ensure each person has the opportunity to stay in their homes as long as they are able. We want to promote and help business people that recognize the opportunity, and want to step up in their community.

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